Development Projects

Lubambe Exploration

The existing Lubambe mine and associated infrastructure occupies a relatively small area of approximately 20 km2 on the western edge of the Lubambe mining license. The mining license is large, covering approximately 228 km2 of the highly prospective Konkola-Musoshi basin. The Lubambe Exploration Project Team is assessing the potential of the mining license that lies beyond the mine gate.

The Lubambe and Konkola mines were discovered in the 1920 and 1930’s using traditional surface mapping and sampling exploration techniques due to the shallow or outcropping nature of the mineralisation. At present, the exploration portfolio consists of an existing discovery currently referred to as the Extension Area, and a number of early-stage exploration targets.

Extension Project

The Lubambe Extension is one of the highest-grade undeveloped copper resources in the world. It is located approximately 6 km southeast of the current mine at depths of 900-1,600m below surface. It is a classic Copperbelt-style sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposit with characteristically consistent grade and lateral continuity. The mineralization is argillite-hosted, grading between 1.5-15% TCu and varying from 2-24m in thickness.


The resource currently boasts over 7 Mt of contained copper metal and resource expansion drilling in 2019 has confirmed that Lubambe Extension has the potential to host over 10 Mt of copper metal. An advanced Concept Study has recently been completed with promising outcomes. A Pre-Feasibility Study is planned to further asses this exciting project.