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Lubambe Copper Mine Limited (Lubambe) has discovered the highest-grade, largest-scale undeveloped copper resource globally in the last year. 


We have completed an advanced Concept Study on this world-class Extension Project confirming a highly attractive mine development plan which would produce up to 160,000 tonnes per year of copper with a mine life of more than 30 years.  The next step is to complete Pre and Final feasibility studies.


In order to progress this project, Lubambe has been actively engaged with all key levels of the Zambian government noting there are a number of approvals required for a project of this size and scope to progress, including tax related matters.


The Extension Project can deliver enormous benefits for Zambia and its people over a very long period of time including jobs, supply opportunities, royalties and taxes.  The concessions needed are not material compared to the benefits to Zambia.  Importantly the concessions are not different to what is available in other copper mining countries.


Lubambe is very excited about our discovery of the largest undeveloped copper resource in the world, and is very satisfied with the high-level engagement that we have had with the government and their willingness to work with us to progress this important undertaking for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Loyce Saili

Communications Manager

+260 0968677977


Released - 1st October 2020