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ZCCM-IH Board of Directors Visits Lubambe

Some members of the ZCCM-IH Plc Board of Directors and Senior Management visited Lubambe on a familiarisation tour of the mine operations on 24th August, 2023.
The CEO and Managing Director, Mr. Tim Duffy presented to the visitors an update on the challenges the Mine was facing but also highlighted on a turnaround strategy.
The six-member team was led through the underground tour to the Lubambe Project 420 pump station and Ramp 4 area by the CEO and Managing Director with some management team members.

Board of Directors Picture.jpg

ZCCM IH Board of Directors and some Lubambe Copper Mine Senior Management pose for a photo after the underground tour

The 420 Pump station project is a critical infrastructure investment installed with a capacity of 80,000m3/ day and operating capacity of 60,000m3/ day
The benefits to be accrued as a result of the commissioning of the 420-pump station are reduced complexity, leading to increased system reliability. In addition, this has led to increased volume, sprint capacity to recover from flooding, decline availability, increased development metres and increase ore tonnes.

ZCCM-IH Board underground .jpg

ZCCM-IH Board of Directors tours the 420 pump station underground

ZCCM-IH Board of Directors at Ramp 4.jpg

Lubambe Mine Manager, Mr. Alfred Ng’ambi explains underground operations to ZCCM IH tea m

Lubambe Empowers 10 Farmers with Water Pumps

Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd has empowered a farmer group consisting 10 farmers with water pumps on an interest-free loan basis in order to enhance horticulture production.

Farmer Empowerment Picture.jpg

Lubambe CSR Manager, Lomthunzi Mbewe hands over a water pump to a farmer while CSR Agriculture coordinator Nchimunya Nachilime looks on.

Speaking during the handover of the water pumps to the farmers, Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd Community and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Ms. Lomthunzi Mbewe said the initiative to work with individual farmers is aimed at helping them become responsible and productive.
Ms. Mbewe said “We are not going to police you, we want a show of responsibility and want to see that you can work independently but support one another. We will continue to guide and monitor progress and help to improve. This is the first time we have empowered individual farmers with water pumps,”

She said being a pilot project, empowering others will depend on how hard and well the farmers will utilise the water pumps.
“Your output is what will enable us to empower others, the number is likely to increase and this will translate to development at a household level. Whilst we won’t police you, we are putting our entire trust in your ability to work hard and produce to support yourselves and your families. LCM will not stop working in the community, but we will re-strategize when initiatives do not yield intended results. I hope you fully appreciate this initiative and I encourage you use it to the best of your ability,”

And speaking at the same event Chimfunshi Agriculture Block Officer, Isaac Lupupa commended Lubambe for the work being done to the farming community.
Mr. Lupupa said Lubambe is doing well in supplementing Government’s efforts by supporting farmers.
“Lubambe should continue working and helping communities especially farmers. To you farmers, these pumps you have been empowered with today is a very good gesture. It is not very helpful to empower farmers with money but with equipment for use,”
He urged farmers to utilise the water pumps as intended and take care of them.
One of the beneficiaries, Bika Singogo thanked Lubambe for the help rendered and encouraged his fellow farmers to work hard in order to yield results.

Farmers cheer up.jpg

Farmers pose for a picture after being handed over water pumps

Government Thanks Lubambe for its Support to the Education Sector in the District

The Ministry of Education in Chililabombwe District has thanked Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd for its continued support to the Education Sector.
Speaking on behalf of Chililabombwe District Education Board Secretary, Ms. Albertina Chulumanda said Lubambe is supplementing Government’s efforts in ensuring that the free education policy is implemented.
Ms. Chulumanda was speaking when Lubambe handed over more than 545 school uniforms to learners at Miyanda Primary School.

Miyanda School Uniform .jpg

Lubambe CSR Manager, Lomthunzi Mbewe with Chililabombwe Education Standards Officer, Albertina Chulumanda shows the donated uniforms to learners

She said “Government has a tight budget and need partners like Lubambe to supplement its efforts. When you supplement our efforts, you make our work easy in ensuring that quality education is provided to the learners. Having you around makes us proud and we see ourselves delivering policies,”.
Ms. Chulumanda further said that the gesture by Lubambe will help improve learner performance and attendance.

Miyanda School Uniform Handover.JPG

Lubambe CSR Manager, Lomthunzi Mbewe hands over uniforms to Miyanda Primary School deputy Headteacher, Rodney Musonda

Speaking during the same event, Lubambe Community and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Lomthunzi Mbewe said Lubambe’s role is to work with Government and ensure that children stay in school by providing school needs such as uniforms amongst others.
Ms. Mbewe said “it is very important to us as a Mine to have children in our surrounding areas stay in school. For children to stay in school, they need desks, text books, uniforms, boards. This is where we come in as Lubambe and help where the Ministry of Education cannot provide due to its stretched budget,”.
She appealed to parents to continue encouraging their children to go to school, get educated and in future take up jobs in the Mines.
In giving a vote of thanks, Miyanda Primary School Pupil, Liness Mokola thanked Lubambe for the gesture.

Miyanda Pupils dancing .jpg

Miyanda Primary School pupils entertaining the gathering after being given uniforms

Lubambe Awards 141 Employees for Long service

18th August, 2023 was a day of appreciation and gratitude at the Long Service Awards Giving Ceremony held in Chililabombwe for 141 Lubambe employees who have served the company for 10 and 15 years.
The awards were in recognition and appreciation of the employees’ dedication, commitment and unbroken service to Lubambe and the ceremony was attended by unions representatives, employee’s spouses and management team.

Long Service.jpg

Speaking during the long service award giving ceremony, Lubambe General Manager Support Services, Mr. Daniel Chihili said the celebration was to recognise employees for their immense contribution to the operations of the Company for many years. “At Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd, we believe that our People are our most important asset and as a business we acknowledge that we will be successful through the efforts and achievements of our workers,” emphasised Mr. Chihili.
He further said “this is a joyous occasion and on behalf of our CEO and Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd Management, we are grateful to the employees, and we celebrate this milestone with you. It is not easy as it takes a lot of discipline, commitment and dedication for one to stay in one company for that long.”
“Today’s celebration is just to recognise employees for being at Lubambe Copper Mine for a continuous period of 10 and 15 years. We acknowledge your dedication and commitment to Lubambe over a couple of years, you had choices and you could have left but you remained focused and dedicated to duty,” he said.

Mr. Chihili also commended families that have supported Lubambe employees in ensuring that they work hard and produce results.
“Most significant good support system that we have are the people that have accompanied you today to witness this occasion. We thank all families for being good support systems to the people being awarded.
“To work and stay in the mines is tough and could be frustrating at times but when you get back home you have families that help you get recharged and rejuvenated and encourage you to get back to work the next day with energy despite the challenges,” he said.
Out of the 141 awarded 121 were male while 20 were female.

Speaking at the same event Mine union’s representative, Muuka Kambala commended Lubambe Management for the gesture and encouraged members to work hard.
In giving a vote of thanks, Lubambe employee who spoke on behalf of all recipients, Gloria Nanjela said “on behalf of all the recipients, I would like to thank management for this well organised event. I would also like encourage each one of us to keep upholding the Lubambe Core Values and contributing positively to our production.”

Lubambe is 2023 Intercompany First Aid Competition Champions

Lubambe Copper Mine Limited’s team Support Services won this year’s Intercompany First Aid Competition held in Kalumbila on 5th August, 2023.
The 16th Edition of the Intercompany First Aid Competition which was being held under the theme “Learn First Aid, you will Never Know When You Need It, showcased over 20 teams with Lubambe Mine Support Services team securing the first position with an impressive 76.3 per cent.
Team Support Services represented Lubambe at the Intercompany First Aid Competition in Kalumbila after winning the Interdepartmental competition held on Saturday 24th June, 2023 at Lubambe Mine.

First Aid 1.jpg

Lubambe Safety, Health, Environment and Training Manager Gideon Sinkamba said “This is a proud moment for Lubambe, our team has been participating in the Intercompany First Aid Competition and has been doing fairly well but they have never been overall winners. This year we had the largest number of competitors but our team secured the first position.”
Mr. Sinkamba attributed the best performance of the team to good training, revision, exposure and support from management.
“Our team emerged winners because of the investment we have done in terms of resource provision, support and we did all we could as management. Our team had the time to train, revise and we exposed them. Whenever there was a first aid interdepartmental competition in other companies they would travel to witness what their friends were doing and they would check where they were lagging in order to sharpen their skills,” Mr. Sinkamba said.

First Aid Second picture 2.jpg

In congratulating the team, Lubambe General Manager Support Services, Mr. Daniel Chihili said for Lubambe to emerge the overall best competitor among all the teams, is a good indication of competency levels of our team.
Mr. Chihili said, it is also encouraging to employees aspiring to be recognised and also sharpen their skills.
“For me it is the first time in history that team Lubambe is being crowned overall winner. It makes us proud and also encourages skills amongst employees,” Mr. Chihili said.
Lubambe was also represented by JCHX and Reliant who participated in the event and came out number 8 and 17 respectively.

Lubambe Holds its First Wellness and Fitness Day

To encourage physical activity and health, Lubambe Copper Mine Limited held its first Wellness and Fitness day on 15th July, 2023.
The event held at Rugby playing Fields in Chililabombwe brought together Lubambe employees and contractors who participated in various sports activities such as football, sack race, bin bag race, Aerobics, relay,5 kilometres run, 5 kilometres walk and athletics.
Much to the amusement of the employees, the event brought smiles to many and rejuvenated their physical health.

Wellness Picture 2.jpg

In his speech during the event, Lubambe CEO and Managing Director, Tim Duffy said the event was magnificent as employees shared fun and did work out in looking after their bodies in order to keep health.
Mr. Duffy said “What a magnificent day it is today, we have seen more than 400 people join us for the first time for this wellness activity at Lubambe, I would like to thank the Lubambe team for putting up this event together, it has
been a magnificent day. I have seen people having a good time with their colleagues and sharing fun and doing a bit of good work in order to look after their bodies and keep wellness and health.”
He commended the cooperating partners who included, Reliant, JCHX, Altraworks, IES, HYWAYKAM, Defined Style Fitness team and Samuel Matete’s Team for the efforts, donations, and sponsorship towards the hosting of the event.
Mr. Duffy also thanked employees for turning out in numbers to attend and participate in the Wellness and Fitness Day.

In giving a vote of thanks, Gloria Nanjela who spoke on behalf of Lubambe employees, thanked management for putting up such an event that has physical health benefit.

Mgt at Wellness Day 1.jpg


Team Support Services Wins Interdepartmental First Aid Competition

Lubambe’s Team Support Services – Safety, Health, Environment and Training (SHET) has won this year’s Interdepartmental First Aid Competition held on Saturday 24th June, 2023 at the Rugby Playing Fields in Chililabombwe.
The team will represent Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd at the Intercompany First Aid Competition in Kalumbila organised by the First Aid Council of the Zambia Chamber of Mines on the 5th August 2023.

Interdepartmental First Aid Competition1.jpg

Eight teams namely: Support Services, Metallurgy, Technical Services, Mining, JCHX, Reliant, Engineering and G4 Security participated in the competition under the theme “Learn First Aid, You will Never Know When You Need It.
In his speech during the event, Lubambe General Manager Operations, Brett Hartmann said First Aid is a life time skill and that it can help save a life.
He said “There is nothing more frustrating and feeling helplessness when your loved one gets injured or hurt and you are not able to help them. So please learn first aid if not for yourself, then do it for your family members.”

Mr. Hartmann further said “at Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd we always endeavour not to get anyone injured at work. We place high emphasis on safe work practices and create an environment to minimise the chances of anyone getting injured. Our company has invested in emergency response equipment and have an emergency response team available 24/7.’’
Speaking at the same event, Zambia Chamber of Mines representative, Dr. Chrispin Muselepete commended Lubambe for the well organised competition.
He said “we would like to congratulate Lubambe for putting up a brilliant competition. Under the prevailing condition in the industry, it is not an easy fit, so we would like to acknowledge that this is a job well done.’’
And the Chief Judge, Dr. Andrew Musesa congratulated the participants and encouraged them to practice more.



Lubambe Implements New Technology: AI - Aerial Drone-based Surveying

Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd has become the first Zambian mine to adopt and implement Aerial drone-based surveying technology to improve data quality, data collection speed and overall efficiency in the Mine Technical Services.
Mine Survey Section has implemented technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan both underground and surface areas for mapping purposes.
The hardware and technology suit the underground and surface environments at Lubambe Mine because it’s easier, safer, higher resolution and faster to deploy. The speed at which the scans are captured and processed reduces risks for the survey team, reduces production delay when capturing the data and improves the response time for Mine Planning.
The DJI M300 RTK drone is an Enterprise next-level drone. The platform offers enhanced flight performance and unrivalled safety features such as collision avoidance, it’s able to “see,” “sense,” “move”, and “transform.” It is equipped with many sensors that increase functionalities when directed.

On Friday, 7th July, 2023, Dwyka Mining Services, a South African based company trained 13 Lubambe Surveyors in safe mapping operations using the Pilot Assist Module for underground and surface, flight log booking, smart battery management, site risk assessment guidelines and data extraction and processing.

Surveyors trained1.jpg

Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd Registers Presence at the 2023 Copperbelt Agricultural, Mining & Industrial Networking Trade Expo

For More than two years, the Copperbelt Agricultural, Mining & Industrial Networking Trade Expo (CAMINEX) had not been held due to Coronavirus that ravaged economies in 2019.
But this year, on 29th May, to 1st June, 2023 in Kitwe, the organisers of the show hosted the much-anticipated trade exposition at the Kitwe Show Grounds with more than 900 companies participating.
The Show was being held under the theme: “Copperbelt: Re-ignite. Rebuild. Renew”
Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd was among other mining companies that participated in this year’s trade exposition and exhibited under the Zambia Chamber of Mines Pavilion.


Mines and Minerals Development Minister Hon. Paul Kabuswe in the company of other Government officials, toured the Lubambe stand and encouraged Lubambe to keep working hard and make the best out of the mine.

Hon. Kabuswe said “continue working hard, we can get the best out of this mine, i know there are certain challenges but keep working hard and make the best. This Mine is very close to my boss’s heart because of its content. Keep working hard and we will give you all the support,”.

Lubambe team.jpg

Lubambe’s Supported Cooperative Harvests more than 100 Kg’s of Fish

Fish Harvest.JPG

In order to establish sustainable community businesses and ensure cooperatives consistently produce high quality fish, Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd is supporting community groups and helping them diversify into fish farming and value addition for business.
Using a cost-sharing initiative that is aimed at promoting sustainable livelihoods in the community, Lubambe supported Redemption Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society in Konkola with fish fingerlings and feed.
On 26th May, 2023, Redemption Cooperative harvested over 100 kilogrammes of fish and the funds raised from the sales will be reinvested into their fish business and further diversify into poultry production.

Lubambe Community and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Lomthunzi Mbewe said “we have been supporting fish farmers since 2012, whilst they are still operating as early stage businesses, we have been building capacity through trainings to help these cooperatives graduate to value added businesses. And in trying to promote a pass-it-on culture, we are confident we will wean off existing cooperatives to pave way for new and youthful business ventures.”
And CSR Agriculture Coordinator, Nchimunya Nachilime said the kind of support that the cooperative is receiving is aimed at promoting project ownership and participation by the beneficiaries.

Mr. Nachilime said “Before harvesting the fish, the group was trained in value addition with emphasis on fish smoking, drying and salting. The training will help the farmers to add value to their produce. The group has some fish reserved for smoking and will be harvested once a smoking machine is secured.”

Thank you Lubambe- Chililabombwe District Commissioner

At Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd, we believe that the support and endorsement of our activities by the communities in which we operate, is fundamental to the long-term success of our business.
As a company we have continued to support communities and on 6th June, 2023, Lubambe donated a washing machine and a printer to Kakoso First Level Hospital in Chililabombwe.
Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd Community and Stakeholder Relations, Lomthunzi Mbewe handed over the equipment on behalf of Lubambe Management to Chililabombwe District Commissioner, Precious Njekwa who received on behalf of Kakoso First Level Hospital Management.

Donation- Washing Machine .jpg

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Ms. Njekwa expressed happiness at the gesture and thanked Lubambe for the continued support to various Government Departments in the District.
She said “on behalf of Government I would like to say thank you to Lubambe, this washing machine has come at the right time when the District is struggling to launder patient’s linen. Due to lack of a washing machine, Kakoso Hospital is forced to wash our patient’s linen away from the District, often going as far as Mufulira and Chingola.”
Ms. Njekwa appealed to other companies in the District to emulate Lubambe and support Government for development purposes.
And speaking at the same event, Ms. Mbewe said “The donation is in response to the request that Kakoso First Level Hospital made. The Hospital did not have this equipment and as a Company we felt the need to step in and help. On behalf of Management, I am here representing the CEO, we would like to reiterate our commitment to working with Government and we will respond as need be. To the District Commissioner, we say thank you for coming and we value your support.”

Nine Lubambe Employees Graduate at this year’s 52nd Graduation
Ceremony at the University of Zambia

Nine Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd employees who were studying certificate in Mining and Metallurgy Engineering at the University of Zambia (UNZA) graduated at a colourful 52nd Graduation Ceremony held in Lusaka on 23rd May,2023.

This UNZA.jpg

The employees were among the more than 1,600 students who graduated from the highest education institution in Zambia.
Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd, General Manager Support Service, Mr. Daniel Chihili who witnessed the employees’ graduation, congratulated them for their efforts and making the company proud.
Mr. Chihili said, “On behalf of management and indeed on my own behalf, I congratulate you for the efforts and show you that Lubambe is committed to enhancing capacity and capabilities in the people it works with. Lubambe aspires to have the best people to do quality work which should be on time and on budget, one of the values that the company subscribes to. This is critical if we are to increase efficiency and production. The training you have been subjected to will forever change your lives and circumstance, will enhance your confidence and add value first to you as an individual and to the company when you apply the knowledge you have acquired.”
He said management acknowledged that in order for the company to achieve its objectives, it needed to build a good cadre of employees with skills and knowledge.

Mr. Chihili encouraged the employees to apply the knowledge acquired and urged them not to relent but keep learning to better themselves.
Lubambe and the University of Zambia entered into a partnership in 2020 to upskill Lubambe staff and expand their capabilities. The training includes online learning and residential sessions on site. The courses covered include Certificate in Mining, Metallurgy, Survey and Geology, as well as a Diploma in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering.

In giving a vote of thanks, one of the graduates, Victor Mundia, commended Lubambe Management for giving them an opportunity to study and acquire more knowledge and pledged to work hard.
He said “We would like to say thank you to Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd for giving us this opportunity to excel in our academics, we want to pledge our efforts and that we are going to push production further so that we help our company achieve its objectives,”.

Lubambe Puts a Smile on Miyanda School Girls by Donating Sanitary Bags


Period poverty is defined as the lack of access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, waste management and education.
In Zambia period poverty, however, goes beyond just health but can also have negative consequences on one’s education, gender equality and productivity.
An Educational Statistical Bulletin found that the percentage of adolescent girls between grades one to nine that dropped out of school 1was an estimated 2.7%.
In this regard, Lubambe Copper Mine Ltd through its Community and Stakeholder Relations (CSR) department is complementing Government’s efforts in ensuring that girls are kept in school by donating sanitary towels to adolescent girls at Miyanda Primary School.
On Wednesday 24th May, 2023, Lubambe donated sanitary packs containing; two packs of disposable sanitary towels, a tablet of protex soap, underwear and a sanitary bag to grades six and seven girls at Miyanda Primary School.
The gesture is aimed at bridging the period poverty gap and helping to keep girls in school.

Speaking during the event, Lubambe CSR Superintendent, Rhoda Daka said according to a research conducted in Schools surrounding the Mine, most girls missed school due lack of access to sanitary towels and facilities.
Ms. Daka noted “CSR came up with an initiative to donate sanitary packs in order to help the girl child improve class attendance which in turn would improve their academic performance. We are targeting to give out at least 500 sanitary packs to girls at Miyanda, Konkola and Kasapa Schools for the 2nd quarter”.